Tuesday, May 12, 2009

12 GAUGE: Quinton Bemiller, show 1

The first installment of Max's "12 GAUGE, Rapid Fire Study of Art in Los Angeles" exhibitions started off with Chinatown based painter Quinton Bemiller. Bemiller's abstract, medium to large scale abstractions really sang on the white walls of gallery 2.
Bemiller came to the museum on Saturday to give a lecture on his work to those who were interested, which will be a common feature among the artists in the 12 Gauge series.
To see more of Quinton's work visit Offramp Gallery in Pasadena (http://www.offrampgallery.com/) where Quinton's solo show "Chance and Choice" just opened on May 10. You can also visit Project 210 in Pasadena (http://www.project210.org/) which is a gallery that Bemiller co-owns with Los Angeles based artist Chuck Feesago.
The next 12 Gauge will open on May 28 with Josh Peters in gallery 2.

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