Monday, June 22, 2009

Film night @ TAM

The first Art House/Art Garden film night, which I will note, did not happen in our garden this time, went off splendidly on Friday. Lee Lynch and Doug Harvey brought their killer installation and film and performance of "Ned's Draw" which really made the crowd go wild. It was funny, interactive, and included a lot of interesting objects that provoked many audience questions. It was a true account of an old California legend of the last remnents of Natives that held out in Northern California, and an ambiguously gay bounty hunter who eventually gets killed by his servant Ned. "Passing", which Doug brought, by English artists Eric Wright & Cathy Ward, was visually haunting 8mm footage of Vegas and other Western outpost towns, and the narration by L.M. Kit Carson added to the tone of the piece.
And Spencer Douglas and Gustavo Herrera (pictured above) gave a small introduction before screening their stop motion piece, "Buffalo Mierde" which was also a definate crowd pleaser. Our next installment will be held, this time in our sculpture garden, on July 17th. More details to come.

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