Thursday, July 9, 2009


Yes folks, it is that time of month again. This month the film night will be held in our outside sculpture garden and snowcones, popcorn, and soda's will be served. Bring a lawn chair, a blanket, and some friends and watch some video art with us under the Torrance stars.
Los Angeles artist and curator Kristi Lippire presents "Narration, Animation, Provocation. Video Screening Pt. 2", which brings us a group of video pieces by artists from Los Angeles and New York, who make killer work and have shown extensively nationally and internationally.
The artists include:
Timothy Hutchings
Stephanie Hutin
Jennifer Levonian
Julie Orser
Kelly Sears
and Jennifer the Leopard
We are very excited to see what she has in store for us.
Kristi has shown her work at D.E.N. Contemporary, ACE Gallery, Raid Projects, and recently had a solo show at the Riverside Art Museum.
Doors open at 8 and of course it's free.

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